Do you want your furniture looks new as long as possible? Constant use, childish pranks and pets lead to the fact that furniture becomes soiled very quickly. The dim and dirty upholstery will spoil all look in the house. But also it will add an unpleasant smell which is quickly absorb, but eliminate so hard. The modern upholstery may contain elements of metal, various epoxy and also a wood. It means that it is difficult to clean and not to spoil such upholstery without due experience. Our team of professionals will perform this work for you with pleasure. Also we will make it quickly and qualitatively. We know how to remove all the dust and stains from your furniture. You receive the clean, soft and good smelling upholstery. Our services and prices will pleasantly surprise you. You do not want to be engaged in cleaning of an upholstery any more. Our upholstery cleaning will refresh and bring a new life to your living space.

  • Sofa cleaning.
  • Arm chair cleaning
  • Loveseat cleaning.
  • Sectional sofa steam cleaning.
  • Chairs cleaning.
  • Fabric or microfiber steam cleaning

Clean and fluffy carpets in the house is an indicator of welfare and good taste. Clean carpets are pleasing to the eye and bring unique atmosphere of coziness in a house. However, it is rather difficult to keep all the carpets constantly clean. Entrust this care to professionals. We know how to clean your carpets and area rugs from spots and an unpleasant smell. Thanks to special technologies we will make so that your carpets will look like new. Besides, they will absorb less pollution and will longer remain clean and beautiful. Wool, saliva and dandruff of pets constantly accumulates on carpets. It can lead to deterioration in health of the patient with an allergy. Regular and high-quality cleaning of carpets successfully helps to struggle with an allergy to animals.

Our professional cleaners will help you with a carpet cleaning process. It really saves your time and money. It means that you get cleaning which is healthier for you, your family and your house.

  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Area rug cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning stairs.

The quiet and healthy sleep is necessary for each person. As it well-known it is the best of all to sleep on a new and clean mattress. The average mattress warranty is 25 years. During this time in it the set of bacteria, bugs and dirt collects. And your sleep is not such pleasant and strong any more. But also the dirty mattress can lead to problems with health. Regular cleaning of mattresses will help to cope with these troubles. Call as to make a matters cleaning and forget about allergens, pet urine, bed bugs and other accidents. We use special organic substances in our work that leave no sharp odors. This way your mattress will be white and clean again without an unpleasant chemical smell.

Your mattress deserves to be clean, fresh and new-looking. And you deserve to a peaceful sleep. Саll as once and sleep well all night long!

  • Twin size mattress cleaning.
  • Double and queen size mattress cleaning.
  • King size mattress cleaning.
  • Dog or cat urine removal

We will realize a high-quality cleaning of your car. Keep your interior looking great with weekly quick-cleanings. Or you can order general cleaning of the car. We will attentively and carefully make cleaning of seats, and also rugs in your car. We use special products for cleaning of vinyl seats from dust and spots. It also works superbly on leather. Leather is susceptible to dirt, oils and ultra-violet damage. To keep leather in excellent condition, it is necessary to clean it at first and then to restore the lost humidity and protection. We will help to keep your leather sits in the best view. After the procedure of dry cleaning of leather and conditioning they will look and smell as new. By the nature, the carpet and upholstery of the car are the most vulnerable of the surfaces of the vehicle. They are always influenced by continuous friction and pressure. Even the most careful owner cannot avoid wear of an upholstery of the car.

We will help to prolong service life of an upholstery and carpets of your vehicle and we will make so that your car always looked for all 100 percent.

  • Leather cleaning.
  • Car carpet cleaning.
  • Auto upholstery cleaning.

Leather furniture gives the house a very solid look and fits perfectly into any interior. This is an indicator of wealth and prestige of any home or office. But at the same time leather furniture requires careful attitude and proper care. Otherwise, it will quickly lose its gorgeous look. We do not recommend wiping leather furniture with ordinary cleaning products. They wash out the natural oil from the leather, which helps it to remain soft and smooth. Even more difficult is to remove stubborn stains from it. You can just ruin your leather furniture. Therefore, it is better to entrust such work to professionals. We use modern cleaning equipment and special stain treatments that do not harm leather furniture. At the end of the cleaning we use a special conditioner to the leather to preserve its softness and figure.

  • Clean leather sofa
  • Clean leather loveseat
  • Clean leather arm chair
  • Clean leather sectional sofa
  • Clean leather dining room chairs

If you are a lucky owner of a yacht, you should know that yacht cleaning is just as important as car cleaning or a house cleaning. Everyone knows how to keep your car or house clean, but there are quite a few professionals who knows how to clean a yacht. Water, wind, salt and sun affect aggressively on all the materials the yacht is made of. The cabin of the boat is often decorated with expensive materials such as wood, leather or textile. They require the most careful handling, and each material has its own way of cleaning. Contact our company and entrust this responsible work to our specialists. You will get the best yacht cleaning service. You can be firmly convinced that your lovely yacht will always look gorgeous and emphasize your high status.

  • Interior yacht cleaning
  • Soft corner dry cleaning
  • Cleaning places of management
  • Leather yacht care
  • Vacuuming throughout

Our cleaning service

   Our cleaning service exist to make the life of our clients more comfortable and easy. Our goal is not just to wash your car, or to make a leather cleaning of your sofa. We keep a natural and healthy cleanliness atmosphere in your home. This means that you do not waste your precious time on boring and tedious procedures. You don’t have to breathe the smell of chemicals, carry buckets or a vacuum cleaner throughout the house. Just forget about it! We make sure your home, car and yacht is cozy and comfortable without any hassle. We help our customers to live easy and enjoy their life.

  • We provide a high-quality cleaning service of your car, house or office.

  • We offer a carpet cleaning or area and oriental rug cleaning.

  • Our specialization is an upholstery cleaning, fabric or microfiber steam cleaning.

  • Our company will take care about your leather furniture.

  • We knew how to remove pet’s urine, coffee or blood stains from suede microfiber, silk and satin fine fabrics.

  • Call us to make a matters cleaning and forget about allergens, pet urine, bed bugs and other accidents.

  • Our yacht cleaning service help you to keep your boat luxurious and solid for a long time.

  • We have special stain treatments to make your lovely white sofa bright again.

  • Our prices are real and have no hidden charges. You know that you pay just for a well done job.

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